BTS Hung Out With Fans, Instead Of Attending The BBMA After-Party

Congratulations to BTS for the huge success at BBMA!

With the boys’ huge success at the Billboard Music Awards, it’s clear that the world is falling in love with BTS with the rest of the ARMY. The thing is, BTS members know exactly how to give back the love to the fans who want to celebrate with them.


In a series of tweets, after the ceremony, BTS members shared their award with the fans. The members showed extreme gratitude for the ARMY who stood behind them all these years and supported them so they could go big and global!

“You guys won this award. We won’t ever forget. We love you.” — Jimin


“Thank you so much ARMY. You guys helped us win this award overseas! This is all thanks to you, we love you ARMY ARMY ARMY!” — Jin


Also, after the award ceremony when celebrities often gather to party and mingle, BTS gathered in a room to do a live broadcast for the fans who were watching and celebrating online.

“We got invited to a couple after-parties, but we turned them down for this live broadcast!” — V


In this 13-minute long broadcast, BTS members shared the entire experience. While goofing around, as always like they do, RM, Suga, Jimin, Jin, JungkookJ-hope, and V congratulated themselves and ARMY on this beautiful win together.

“This award would not have been possible without you guys. I thought my heart would explode. People ask us about ARMYs wherever we go. What does ARMY mean to us, how are they so passionate about supporting the group? It makes me so proud and so supported.” — Jimin


Fans truly appreciated that the members decided to ditch all the hot parties to return to a room with a table full of munchies and a camera on a selfie stick. This little celebration of their own became something the fans will cherish forever. Watch the full clip below:

Source: Star News

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