Here’s What BTS Thought Of All The Other Performances At The 2018 BBMAs

This is what BTS thought of the other performances.

1. Christina Aguilera ft. Demi Lovato

As soon as Christina took the stage, J-Hope stood up and looked like he was entranced by their performance. He continued standing while being mesmerized until someone caught his attention and asked him to sit down. He certainly looked like he enjoyed the act very much. The rest of the group also seemed to enjoy the performance. When Christina and Demi finished, RM was one of the first people on his feet and the rest of the members weren’t far behind!


2. Khalid and Normani

As Khalid starts off the song, a number of the boys can be seen bobbing their heads along to the beat. The boys continued to bop along to the beat until Normani started dancing. The crowd went absolutely nuts and so did BTS! From then on, it looked like the boys got more and more into the performance and were really digging it. When the song reached its end, Jimin threw his arms up in the air like he had just been on an exhilarating ride and the boys were quick to add their applause to the rest of the crowds.


3. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson knew exactly how to get the crowd excited for the awards show. Her medley performance had everybody going crazy and BTS were no exception. When she first starts her medley V has the biggest grin on his face while J-Hope, Suga, and Jin clapped along. Then the song changed and the boys absolutely wigged out! They threw their hands up in the air and started dancing. Once they caught the dancing fever they couldn’t stop and continued right up until the end of the song. V must have really liked the performance since he whipped out his phone to tape. Then there was J-Hope who leapt to his feet as soon as the song was over to begin cheering!


4. John Legend

BTS seemed to really enjoy John Legend‘s performance at the BBMAs. They were spotted smiling and swaying along to the song from beginning to end. When John asked the audience to put their hands together, BTS did so with gusto. And when John prompted everyone to get on their feet, BTS was happy to oblige.


5. Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa has a number of K-Pop idol fans and it looks like BTS are fans too! From the very beginning RM can be seen singing along to her song and V joined in at the chorus. All the boys dance along to the catchy song and looked like they had a blast. At one point during the song, V once again whipped out his phone to record some of the performance.


6. Shawn Mendes

Throughout Shawn Mendes‘ performance, BTS swayed to the beat and clapped out the rhythm. Shawn was probably very happy to see the boys had enjoyed his performance since his a self-confessed fan of BTS. In the past, he’s spoken about a possible collaboration with the group. Plus, there’s also been a recent rumor that BTS has actually spoken to him about a collab! So now all we have to do is wait and see what kind of magic they will make together!


7. Ariana Grande

While BTS already reacted strongly to every other group that had performed prior to Ariana Grande, they couldn’t help but dance along to her song too! RM also looked like he knew some of the words and was singing along while V, Jungkook, and Jin looked like they were really into her performance. When the song ended, Jungkook quickly stood up to applaud her!

BTS At The 2018 BBMAs