BTS At The 2018 BBMAs

BTS Reveals Everything In Their Behind The Scenes Coverage From The Billboard Music Awards 2018
BTS just released a behind the scenes video of their complete experience at the Billboard Music Awards 2018, and it answers every question ARMYs ever had!
BTS V Surprises ARMYs With Self-Directed Highlight Video Of BBMAs
They call him Director V!
Here’s What BTS Thought Of All The Other Performances At The 2018 BBMAs
This is what BTS thought of the other performances.
BTS Hung Out With Fans, Instead Of Attending The BBMA After-Party
Congratulations to BTS for the huge success at BBMA!
BTS Fans Literally Can’t Get Over Jungkook’s Sexy Ab Stunt At The BBMAs
As if BTS’s epic performance at the BBMA’s wasn’t enough, Jungkook flashed his abs!
Here Are All The Famous Companies Celebrating BTS’s 2nd Straight Top Social Artist Victory
Fans are not the only ones to be celebrating this big victory!
Here’s The Full Collection Of What BTS Was Wearing At The BBMAs
Their fashion reflects who they are as a group!
Here Are All The Western Celebrities Spotted With BTS At The BBMAs
Here are what 10+ western celebrities had to say about BTS!
ALL The HD Photos We Could Find of BTS At The Billboard Music Awards 2018
Here are 60+ photos to fully experience the night!
Watch BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” Performance At The Billboard Music Awards 2018
They’re the first K-Pop artist to perform at the BBMAs!
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