ALL The HD Photos We Could Find of BTS At The Billboard Music Awards 2018

Here are 60+ photos to fully experience the night!

1. BTS arrives at the Billboard Music Awards 2018, looking stunning in their latest fashion!


3. J-Hope arrives in his dandy-school-boy inspired look and his cap says everything we need to know about how he’s feeling today!


3. Jimin gets on the carpet and leaves everyone shocked. How can someone be so cute yet so charismatic?!


4. Suga takes over the red carpet in his laid back shirt and jeans… but something about him is just so sexy!


5. Make way for the fashionista of BTS! V looking like a true prince at the BBMAs!


6. Jin once again made headlines as he graced us peasants with his worldwide handsome visuals!


7. RM turned heads with his vibrant shirt that can only look this good on a person, just because he’s RM!


8. With the maknae Jungkook looking adorable as he does, that completes the red carpet looks!


9. BTS heads inside the ceremony to hang out with the hottest names in the American music industry.


10. BTS takes their seats as they enjoy the show before preparing to make more K-Pop history.


11. As expected! The legendary kings win their 2nd Top Social Artist award!


12. They break another record as the first K-Pop artist to perform at the BBMAs, performing “FAKE LOVE” for the first time since it’s release!


Congratulations to another successful night at the Billboard Music Awards, BTS!

BTS At The 2018 BBMAs