BTS’s Jungkook Is A World Class Dancer, But He Also Has His Average Moments

We’ve all done that very average dance before too.

BTS‘s Jungkook is a fantastic dancer – a Los Angeles trained self-made prodigy so to speak – and ARMYs are well aware of the incredible aura that he exudes on stage when he’s grooving out to the music.


But there are days in Jungkook’s life when things aren’t so choreographed. And his feelings are too real and big to be expressed in no other way but in moves that are very much like our own in-the-shower dance or in-the-kitchen dance!


ARMYs have noticed that there is a big difference between the stage Jungkook dance and this turnt-up-AF Jungkook dance.


When Jungkook is on stage doing actual choreography, he looks like he’s on fire. He slays those moves like a dance mastermind and looks simply breathtaking.


ARMYs love the not-so-maknae-anymore vibes that Jungkook gives off when he’s performing all serious.


When off stage though, and often being silly with his fellow BTS members, Jungkook suddenly forgets how to dance and turns into an average Joe with average Joe moves!


Jungkook, like the rest of us when we get super excited about something, busts out the funky dance and has fun being himself. Look at him go!


And his fans can’t help but UWU at this duality in his dancing personalities.


When he’s BTS Jungkook on stage, he is unrivaled and irreplaceable…


… but when he’s Jungkook-Jungkook, he is – well, our very own kind of Jungkook.

Source: THEQOO