BTS Jungkook’s “Mini Me” Is Growing Up Before Our Eyes

He started his career at age 6.

Time flies when you’re taking over the world! It’s hard to believe BTS debuted 10 years ago, and that the Jungkook we know today…

Jungkook in 2023 | Weverse via @Daily_JK97/Twitter

…was once this adorable, 15-year-old maknae. Jungkook went from being the youngest BIGHIT MUSIC idol to being a role model for the next generation of K-Pop stars.

Jungkook in 2013

Year by year, he grew up before our eyes, and now his “mini me” is growing up too!

In 2020, seven rookie actors were cast in YOUTH (originally titled Blue Sky), a K-Drama based on the BTS Universe. The show will be based on the bittersweet, time-traveling friendship story that began in BTS’s music videos and expanded into other media, like the Save Me webtoon.

Actor Jeon Jin Seo–best known for his role as Lee Jun Yeong, the heartbroken child of a feuding couple in World of the Married–was cast as Jungkook’s fictional counterpart in YOUTH. When filming began, Jeon Jin Seo was 14 years old, nearly the same age Jungkook was when he debuted.

Jeon Jin Seo as Lee Jun Yeong | tvN

Now the 06-liner, who began acting in K-Dramas at age 6, will soon transition from a child to adult actor.

| Hancinema

He will be turning 17 in May, and now has dozens of film credits to his name.

| Hancinema

We can’t wait to how he portrays Jungkook’s character in YOUTH!

| @jeon.jin.seo/Instagram

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