BTS’s Maknae Line Plays Games To Reveal TMI Facts About Themselves

We’re horrible at 007 Bang! too Jimin it’s ok 😭

After BTS‘s successful first night of the much anticipated PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Los Angeles, California, ARMYs were treated to a VMINKOOK (V, Jimin, Jungkook subunit) live broadcast!

ARMYs were ecstatic at the Maknae line (V, Jimin, and Jungkook)’s surprise live stream, as it has been quite a while since we were graced with the subunit on live.

While on the second part of the live, the three decide to play games with the loser/winner sharing a TMI (Too Much Information) fact about themselves.

It started off with Jimin deciding to play rock, paper, scissors where V won and had to share his TMI.

V shared that he’s started to not drink Coca Cola anymore. Jungkook was quick to step in to share what he had noticed the other day.

Jungkook: What were you drinking the day before yesterday?

V: I started drinking Fanta now.

Jimin: You said the brand name again.

V: No, I don’t drink [Fanta] often. I’ve been drinking water recently to take care of my body.

Next, Jungkook started the boys on the Noonchi Game—where the players quickly count in consecutive order, be the last one and you lose, say the same number as another player and you both lose. Jimin loses (in his defense, the Noonchi game is really hard with only three people 😂) and has to share a TMI.

Lately, since we’ve arrived in the states, I’ve been working out every single day with Jungkook. 

I’ve been [using the Stairmaster] for 20 minutes at 15mph.


The Stairway to Heaven workout is no joke! Props to Baby Mochi (Jimin’s sweet nickname). 🙌

They then played an entertaining round of 007 Bang! where players have to point at each other for “0,” “0,” and “7,” and then the two players on either side of whoever is chosen for “Bang!” has to raise their arms up.

Jimin has previously shared that he’s the worst at 007 Bang! and loses this round. His next TMI fact was that the time difference has actually been good for him, and that within a week he was sleeping at 10:00pm and waking up 7:00am every day.

V was quick to mention that it wouldn’t be good for him when they returned to Korea, since his sleep schedule is so different back at home.

Jungkook then ended the game corner, which put a halt to the group’s TMI sharing.

We’re sure ARMYs had fun learning these random new bits of information from the boys! We wonder what other fun moments we’ll get to see as they ride out their time in LA for their remaining PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts!

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