BTS’s Jimin Declared Himself “The Worst Player” After His Self-Sabotage

Jimin was his own nemesis in the latest Run BTS! episode.

Once again, Jimin came face to with his own worst enemy: himself.

In Episode 94 of Run BTS!, BTS played a 3-hour long “BTS Marble game from hell”, that included an economy lesson from Suga, a NSFW charades game with Jungkook, and the classic 007 game.

The object of 007 is to confuse and fake out other players. The first player points at another player (or himself) and says “0”, then the player who was pointed at says “0” before pointing at another player (or himself) for “7”. The third player says “7”, then points at a fourth player (or himself) to say “bang”. One person on either side of the player picked for “bang” has to throw their hands up. If they fail to do it or react too slowly, they lose.

No matter how much Jimin tried, he couldn’t get the hang of 007. His reactions were delayed…

…and his nerves got the best of him.

Jimin ended up sabotaging himself…

…and his reaction was funny AF. 50% disbelief and 50% rage!

After that mistake, Jin named Jimin the “worst player” in the game…

…and Jimin 100% agreed!

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