BTS’s Ultra-Practical Suga Turned Their Game Into An Economy Lesson

Hs logic was persuasive, but completely irrelevant.

Once again, BTS‘s Suga has shown that he is the most practical person on the planet!

Unlike some people, who let their imaginations run wild, Suga is a hardcore realist. His affinity for facts and love for logic never fail to make fans laugh.

In Episode 94 of Run BTS!, BTS played the “BTS Marble game from hell”. This board game, which took 3 hours to complete, included a mathematic “creativity question” that confused everyone, even RM.

BTS had to figure out how much an imaginary tailor lost after receiving a forged check from a customer. This was confusing enough, but Suga muddied the waters by bringing economics into it!

He said that the cost of the suit’s fabric must be taken into account. In reality, this would be relevant, but in a game? Not so much.

J-Hope knew Suga’s logic was completely absurd, but he was impressed nonetheless.

Even after RM guessed the correct answer (100,000 won), Suga refused to give up. That the suit’s production cost must be considered!

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