Manager Sejin Was Mistaken For Being BTS’s “Water Man”

lovelytheband gave him a new nickname.

BTS‘s devoted manager, Sejin, now has a nickname of his own: “water man”.


Fans love BTS’s manager almost as much as the members do. Over the years, he has formed a close bond with BTS, and he’s often spotted looking after them at events.


Whether it’s out in public…


…at graduations…


…or at award shows, Manager Sejin is by BTS’s side. At the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, his attentiveness even caught the attention of American indie pop band, lovelytheband.


In an interview with radio station Q104 CLE, lovelytheband talked about how they were “five feet away” from BTS at the BBMAs. They didn’t get to meet BTS, but they did get a good look at the members, their security staff, and their “water man”.

Their security guards are no joke, but also — they have a water man. They had a man who not only literally had water bottles for them, he had […] Starbucks ice water, so they had choices.

— Mitchy Collins (lovelytheband)


Fans believe that the “water man” was none other than Manager Sejin, and they’re absolutely loving it.


Hydrated and secure? What more could you ask for!