Here Are The BTS Members That Create Chaos In The Kitchen

Would you trust them to cook for you?

When it comes to cooking, some of the BTS members have natural talent…

…and others are better are creating chaos! The members discussed who has natural cooking talent during a recent interview.

The members debated between two cooking styles: Jin, V, and Jimin trust their gut in the kitchen while J-Hope, RM, Suga, and Jungkook need to follow every step flawlessly.

It didn’t take long for everyone to bicker and explain why their own way was the best!

Rule follower J-Hope thinks you can never go wrong with precisely measuring all of your ingredients.

I’m trying to cook these days and it’s definitely better if you measure it!

— J-Hope

Meanwhile, Jin’s all about trusting his gut in the kitchen. However, RM knows his own dish will end up completely different if he tries to wing it!

Even when making ramen, RM and J-Hope measure the exact amount of water…

…but even following instructions will sometimes get you in trouble!

550 ml is a flood! You eat watery ramen!

— RM

Are you Team Measure or Team Instincts in the kitchen?

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