The BTS Members Once Decided To Teach Jimin A Lesson Due To His Bad “Habit”

Jimin felt wronged by this situation.

BTS‘s Jimin is not only incredibly talented but is also a great person, as he has shown off his kind personality many times. However, there is one bad “habit” that Jimin has.

Jimin has a bad “habit” of being late. The BTS members even have a phrase due to Jimin’s “habit”.

There’s an old saying. When we say ‘I Jimin today’, that means we’re late.

—  RM

During an episode of BTS’s Bon Voyage, the members decided that it was time to teach Jimin “a lesson”.

It began when the members were in their car and noticed that Jimin wasn’t present. They soon realized that Jimin was “late”, and decided that it was time to teach Jimin “a lesson”.

When they saw Jimin approaching the car, they told the driver to start driving away.

As soon as Jimin saw this, he immediately started running towards the car.

Jimin eventually caught up to the car, and the members asked him if he had learned his lesson yet about showing up late.

Jimin felt wronged by this situation, as he had just gone to the bathroom, and said that the members were the ones who had abandoned him.

However, Jimin eventually gave in to the members and said that he would “fix” his habit of being late.

Here’s the full video below!