How The BTS Members Would Start Off Their Own Book

Each member had a unique idea!

After conquering the world of music, BTS is ready to take the literary world by storm with their first book, titled Beyond The Story: 10-Year Record of BTS.


According to the official announcement by US publisher Flatiron BooksBeyond The Story is co-written by all the members of BTS and journalist Myeongseok Kang.

The book, ‘Beyond The Story: 10-Year Record of BTS,’ was written by the journalist Myeongseok Kang and members of the group, and it will be published in South Korea by Big Hit Music….The English translation of the book was led by Anton Hur, in collaboration with Clare Richards and Slin Jung. The U.S. edition will be 544 pages and contain exclusive photographs, according to Flatiron, and will have a first printing of one million copies.

— The New York Times

The book is partially autobiographical, so ARMYs couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. Flatiron has planned to print one million copies for the first printing. So, fans rushed to the Amazon US store to place their pre-orders, making it the best-selling book in the store’s history within one day of its announcement!

This project has been carried out in utmost secrecy, and it wasn’t until only a few days ago that fans started to get hints about this book. So, getting a sneak peek into its contents is out of the question. But there is one interview that might satisfy your curiosity, in case you are wondering how the BTS members have penned down their experiences.

In March 2021, all the BTS members appeared in the iconic TV show You Quiz On The Block, hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho. During the interview, the members shared fun stories from their trainee days and talked about their lives as well. The hosts asked each member a hypothetical question— if they ever write an autobiography, what would they choose to be the book’s first sentence?

RM‘s choice was, “In our lives, predictions are bound to be off sometimes.

Jin said he would start off with, “It was dope!

Suga answered, “I lived hard.

J-Hope said he would start with a dedication, “To the people who led me.”

Jimin‘s choice was a question: “What kind of life do you want to live?”

V kept it real with “I’m a chameleon.”

And lastly, Jungkook picked the most classic option, “Hello, everyone.”

Though it’s highly unlikely that they would start any of the chapters with these phrases, their choices definitely reflect the message they want to relay through their writing. But to experience the real deal, fans will have to wait till July 9, when Beyond The Story: 10-Year Record of BTS hits the stands worldwide!


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