If BTS Starred In Netflix Movies, It Would Look Something Like This

Netflix isn’t producing these films…but we really, really wish they would.

A Netflix Original starring BTS. If there’s a petition for this, we’re signing it ASAP!


ARMYs are some of the most creative fans in K-Pop. They’ve edited everything from BTS superhero fan-made videos, to viral clips, to punk/goth edits, to hilarious memes. ARMY’s imagination knows no limits, and these latest creations are proof.


On May 23, Twitter user ana (@MagicShopFlower) posted several BTS photos that have been edited into Netflix-style posters. In one, Suga and lounge by the water in the “BigHit Movie”, Summer Time.


Another poster casts Jin and J-Hope in the feel-good movie, Your Smile Makes Me Dance. 


HOME with Jungkook and Jimin may be the award-winning coming of age drama we’ve all been waiting for…


…but if you’re searching for PARADISE, look no further. When this photo of RM and Halsey first came out, many fans felt it had a K-Drama vibe, so it’s the perfect choice for a romance!


Which of these Netflix films are you looking forward to?