BTS Once Accidentally Left Something Very Important At The Gas Station… And That Something Was J-Hope

Poor J-Hope!

BTS is notorious for losing their things across all Bon Voyage seasons. From losing their passports to their luggage, the boys are no stranger to misplacing their belongings. But this one may be the most important thing they lost.


While exploring New Zealand, the boys stopped by a gas station. J-Hope stepped out of the car, and when he came back… They were gone.

As the car drove off, the idol can be heard asking the cameramen if they left. When J-Hope realized the boys had indeed left him, he immediately started calling them. He can be heard yelling, “Ya! Why did you leave me?

People couldn’t help but find the situation amusing; after all, how do you lose a whole member of your group? Fans immediately made memes from the clip, proving that ARMYs genuinely have quite a sense of humor.

Hopefully, J-Hope got back to the boys safe!


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