These Hyper Realistic BTS Paintings Are Being Mistaken For Photos

A 17-year-old artist is making fans doubt their eyes.

One very talented young ARMY is making fans do a double-take with their art!


Since 2013, BTS‘s gorgeous members have inspired thousands of artworks, including paintings by professional artists like Lee.K.


One of these artists is Ellie (elliedotdoodles on Tumblr), a 17-year-old fan who is confusing everyone with their hyper-realistic digital paintings. When Ellie posted this image of on Reddit, Redditors were shocked to find out that it’s not a photo.


Ellie also did a painting of Jungkook that is nearly indistinguishable from its source…


…this White Day NAVER x Dispatch photo.


So far, Ellie has only painted two out of the seven members, but fans are already looking forward to more gorgeous art!