These Hyper Realistic BTS Paintings Are Being Mistaken For Photos

A 17-year-old artist is making fans doubt their eyes.

One very talented young ARMY is making fans do a double-take with their art!


Since 2013, BTS‘s gorgeous members have inspired thousands of artworks, including paintings by professional artists like Lee.K.

bts jimin art1

One of these artists is Ellie (elliedotdoodles on Tumblr), a 17-year-old fan who is confusing everyone with their hyper-realistic digital paintings. When Ellie posted this image of on Reddit, Redditors were shocked to find out that it’s not a photo.


Ellie also did a painting of Jungkook that is nearly indistinguishable from its source…



…this White Day NAVER x Dispatch photo.


So far, Ellie has only painted two out of the seven members, but fans are already looking forward to more gorgeous art!


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