The BTS Pop-Up Store Gets A New Makeover Just In Time For The Holidays

ARMYs show love to each other and to the members.

The BTS Pop-up store in Seoul has gotten a new makeover to get into the holiday spirit. The figures of all the members received a makeover with Rudolph ears, noses, and Santa scarves and capes.

credit: @arnien1234




They all look so festive and ready for the holiday season!

credit: @arnien1234




Out of all the figures, Jimin’s figure gained the most attention because of the little Santa basket it was holding. ARMYs began to fill the basket up with treats and letters, showing love for Jimin.











The staff members at the store empty the basket after each day and have commented that they would try their best to send over these treats and letters to Jimin.

Other ARMYs were also seen leaving behind small presents for other ARMYs at the pop-up store as well. Some fans even brought gifts to the staff members at the store and thanked them for all their hard work.




The Seoul Pop-up store will run until January 5 so for those ARMYs that have not gone yet, make sure to check it out if you have the chance!