BTS’s Suga Sat A Little Too Close To The “God Of Destruction” At MAMA

For Suga, this was just another day in the life with RM.

BTS‘s “God of Destruction” RM doesn’t just destroy objects. He also destroys his members!


For example, while completing a mission on Run BTS!, Agent RM accidentally elbowed Agent Jungkook. Fans will never get tired of Jungkook’s startled “yee” noise!


RM has also destroyed himself…


…on numerous occasions.


A new “Artist Zone” cam from the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards reveals that Suga is the latest victim of the “God of Destruction’s” powers. When BTS’s name was called for an award, RM excitedly raised his arms…


…and hit Suga right in the face!


The best part? Suga barely reacted. After all, this is just another day in the life with RM!


Check out the “Artist Zone” cam here: