BTS’s Main “God Of Destruction” RM Almost Destroyed Himself At The 2019 MMA

He didn’t, and we’re glad, but we’re also cackling.

BTS wowed the viewers with their magnificent performances at the 2019 Melon Music Awards held November 30, 2019.


While everything looked flawless, ARMYs did notice RM‘s cute little hiccup while pulling his “Dionysus” move.


On camera, it looked glorious AF — as he slammed that thyrsus on the floor and sparks flew.


In real life, however, RM didn’t slam it, no.


Instead, he swung it between his legs…


… and risked destroying himself.

Namjoon…? Are you okay…?

— Twitter @sweetpersonify


Once the performance ended, RM was spotted mulling over the minor mishap:


But ARMYs don’t mind it at all!


They are just glad he didn’t destroy anything — especially himself, most importantly.


Watch RM’s otherwise charismatic introduction stage to “Dionysus” here:

Source: THEQOO