BTS’s RM Apologized For Wearing Glasses, But That “Nerdy RM” Is Everything We Ever Wanted

And we want more!

In the latest episode of Bon Voyage 4‘s Story Untold feature, BTS‘s RM was spotted wearing his prescription eyeglasses.


And while ARMYs fell in love with the “nerdy” visual, RM apologized for showing himself this way on camera.

First of all, I’m sorry — I feel like I showed myself wearing prescription glasses way too often.

— RM


There is no reason for RM — or for anyone, for that matter — to have felt like eyeglasses need to be apologized for. But this might have stemmed from the undeniable fact that prescription glasses do make the eyes appear smaller and, to K-Pop’s high aesthetic standards, possibly less “attractive”.


Upon hearing RM’s playfully humble apology, ARMYs sent supportive words for RM…


… and are celebrating the equally hot & sexy visuals of RM in glasses!


All in all, RM looks incredibly sophisticated in glasses…


… and all the different frames he wears…


… bring out the different flavors of RM too!


So obviously, it’s A-okay, RM —


We honestly can’t get enough of those stylish AF glasses!

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Source: THEQOO