BTS’s RM Has Fans Doing A Double-Take In The “Suchwita” Teaser, And Not For His “Concealed Identity”

A viral tweet pointed out something ARMYs can’t unsee 😂

BTS‘s Suga surprised fans when it was announced that he would be hosting his own online variety talk show, Suchwita.

“Suchwita” promotional poster

Suchwita airs its first episode on BTS’s official YouTube channel on December 5. The show will have multiple special guests from a variety of different fields, who will become “drinking buddies” with Suga while they candidly discuss music.

According to media reports, Suga will charm guests and viewers with his wide range of knowledge and conversational skills.

The newly released first teaser video shows Suga drinking with a “mystery guest.” While the editors attempted to disguise the mystery guest’s identity, they had no one fooled as ARMYs immediately identified him as BTS’s leader RM.

The trailer was only 53 seconds long, but every second had fans captivated. Not only will this be a new side of BTS’s Suga, but he also unsurprisingly showcased his handsome visuals and cool confidence throughout the clip.

He also drew attention to his wardrobe, specifically his Marni sweater, which hilariously looked suspiciously like “marry” from afar.

Fans noticed another moment in the teaser video that had ARMYs doing a double-take. A viral tweet showed an image some ARMYs can’t unsee of RM casually sitting across from Suga.

While some fans immediately noticed the sugar cube “concealing” RM’s identity, others noticed a different “mystery,” the unnatural placement of his right hand.

A tweet that quickly gained over 16,000 likes simply asked “is Namjoon’s arm okay?

Whether it be insane flexibility or an optical illusion, RM’s arm appeared to be twisted at an odd angle behind him.

Fans jokingly acknowledged RM’s new talent, being a “contortionist.”

While others realized they had something in common with the global artist, elbow hypermobility.

BTS continues to keep fans on their toes with their many talents and undiscovered skills.

Check out more about RM’s “mystery identity” below!

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