“Mind Full Of Yoongi Marry Me” — BTS ARMY’s Iconic Meme Saga Continues

Fans were caught off guard by his sweater.

BTS‘s Suga is launching a brand new variety show that fans couldn’t be more excited about. In a short teaser video for SuChwiTa, fans were already excited to see Suga’s comedic genius and not-so-secret first guest.

With fans already excited about the unexpected show, they’ve been poring over every second of the teaser and unexpectedly thought of an iconic meme.

One of the most legendary memes in the ARMY fandom has to be “Yoongi, Marry Me,” which is not only prevalent with ARMY, but has even been mentioned by BTS themselves multiple times.

The meme started as something ARMY would comment on live broadcasts before it got brought to the next level by appearing on different signs at BTS concerts.

V and Jungkook once even gave Suga a massive ring to wear during a live broadcast, showing how aware of the meme even BTS are.

BTS’s V and Suga 

The members once again referenced the “Yoongi, Marry Me” meme in the most recent Run BTS episode where BTS jokingly commented “Suga, Marry Me” during the members’ special live streams.

BTS’s Jungkook 

When it came time for Suga’s live stream during the episode, RM took advantage of the opportunity to comment, “Fighting Yoongi! Marry Me.”

BTS’s Suga 

Which Suga ignored in favor of focusing on his art.

And now Suga has offered fans another opportunity to reference the iconic meme.

In the teaser for the first episode of his new show, Suga wore a cozy-looking sweater. Although the sweater actually says “MARNI,” because of the font, many fans thought it said “MARRY.”

Because of the understandable confusion, many fans rose to the occasion to edit the sweater, so it properly referenced the meme.

There’s no denying that if Suga actually wore a “MARRY” sweater, the already-iconic meme would only become more legendary.

If Big Hit Music did ever make “Yoongi, Marry Me” merchandise, it would undoubtedly be sold out within seconds.

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