BTS RM’s Humble Acceptance Speech At 2019 MMA Inspires All Once Again

“Though we may be small, we will stay where we are, doing what we do.”

At the 2019 Melon Music Awards, an annual end-of-the-year festival of K-Pop idols to celebrate their hard work and fans’ support, BTS took home 8 awards — including the grand award of “Artist of the Year”.


As BTS’s leader, RM gave an acceptance speech and the group’s most humble attitude is yet again inspiring K-Pop fans all over the world! He first stated that he isn’t sure if BTS deserve such a big award and honor.

I honestly don’t know if we deserve this award, among all the artists who are here in front of us and who made great music this year.

— RM


Then, he continued by looking back at all the MMAs they won in the past, highlighting the fact that BTS have come so far together.

In 2013, we won the rookie award. We thought we were being pranked. By 2016, we won song of the year… we thought that was a prank too. Now that it’s 2019… We’re wrapping up the 2000s with such a huge honor. We’re in our 7th year together, guys!

— RM


RM shared that — no matter how many awards the group has won inside and outside Korea — big events like the MMA are always so humbling and make BTS think about their impact on the world.

When we go home after awards shows like this, we feel… you know. We feel very humbled. Like, all we have ever done is make music in our studios, dance in the practice rooms, then perform on these stages. So we end up asking ourselves, do we really have the power to do anything? Are we doing anything?

— RM


RM pointed out though, even in places of doubt, ARMYs help BTS realize that they are, in fact, doing things with their music and making change. And for that, RM promised, BTS will continue to do as they have always done — spreading music and love, bringing positivity to the world, and “lighting up ARMYs’ nights”.

But through those long dark nights, you guys lit the way for us. So though we may be small, we will stay where we are, doing what we can, what we know how to do, doing what we do best… and we will try to light up the way for your long dark nights. We love you guys.

— RM


Watch RM’s speech here:


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