BTS’s RM Is “Annoying” Netizens For A Hilarious Reason

Did you notice this? 😂

BTS‘s RM has it all — He’s smart, hardworking, and leads his fellow members with class and confidence!

However, RM is also known for being a little clumsy from time to time. Some of his choices are questionable, like having his cell phone hang off the table…

…or choosing to light the candles on his birthday cake while balancing it on the arm of a chair!

Be careful when you’re around him, because you might get hit with a towel like Jimin

…or partially exposed like Jungkook.

Netizens admit these sloppy moments can be a bit “annoying” (Not because it’s irritating, but rather because you want to save him!). However, they also find his clumsiness totally endearing.

Sometimes, being a bit sloppy in everyday life can be a sign of a high IQ…

…and with an IQ of 148, it’s no wonder RM acts this way!

Out of all of the funny clumsy moments, fans just love him most for being himself.

It’s just one of his many charms!

Source: Nate Pann