Fan Steals BTS RM’s Cardboard Cutout From A Store… And Updates ARMY About His “New Life”

“… At least she is treating him like the king he is…”

K-Pop idol cutouts and the unique ways people use them have often gone viral online. Whether fans are taking their idols to dances or weddings, they’re accidentally scaring people, or even if an idol is taking the cutout of their member, K-Pop fans love seeing the creative ways these cutouts are used.

Recently, a video of two people stealing a BTS RM cutout went viral.

| @130613fate/Twitter 

Netizens found the unexpected video hilarious.

But no one expected the alleged “thief” to post a TikTok declaring that the store “aint getting him back.

| @130613fate/Twitter 
| @130613fate/Twitter 

And showed some of the “activities” RM had partaken in after being stolen, including “resting.”

| @130613fate/Twitter 

Getting ready…”

| @130613fate/Twitter 

And even “cooking.”

| @130613fate/Twitter 

Netizens couldn’t stop laughing at the unexpected update.

Joking that now the RM cutout finally gets to “rest” from his previous “job” at the store.

Of course, some netizens did find the video problematic, as the cutout was stolen.

What are your thoughts?

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