BTS’s RM Gets Real About The Disadvantage Of Representing The Group And Leading All Interviews

He knows it best.

BTS‘s RM and American rapper and producer Pharrell Williams recently sat down for a one-on-one chat with Rolling Stone. They talked about everything from the prejudice against boy bands, EX-CEO Bang Si Hyuk, and advice to K-Pop trainees.

RM (left) and Pharrell Williams (right) | Rolling Stone

RM also reminisced on his days as a small-time rapper. Before he knew it, he had spent over a decade as a member of BTS, leading the group and taking charge during interviews.

I was just a small rapper and lyricist when I was young. So it was 10 years, really intense as a team. And I actually was in charge of almost all of the interviews and representing the team in front of the other members. That was my role, I guess.

— RM

However, the disadvantage to it is that he soon felt mentally exhausted. He would tell himself, “Yo, I got to stop this for a bit. I got to shut it down and fall away from it and then just see what’s going on.” Once he took a break, he was able to concentrate on his solo album.

I think I got really . . . I don’t know, ‘Yo, I got to stop this for a bit. I got to shut it down and fall away from it and then just see what’s going on,’ making my mind really calm down. That’s how I got to concentrate on my solo [album]. These days I really have been thinking about when I first listened to you, the first feeling and the vibe, and the reason why I started, why I chose music for my whole life, I guess.

— RM

Concluding, RM reflected on the way he has been doing music for many years now. He called the process “tricky” and “confusing,” adding that he is unsure what the future holds.

When I started my music, I was like 14, and now I’m 28. So I’m in that process. It’s really tricky and confusing, and I just don’t know what’s going to happen.

— RM

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Source: Rolling Stone


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