RM’s Final Message During BTS’s New Jersey Concert Has All ARMYs Sobbing

“Some people say we made our American dream come true, and some people say we didn’t, but we actually never had that dream, to begin with.”

BTS‘s “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour recently came to a close in New Jersey, and RM‘s final message at the final concert is drawing a significant amount of attention.

Ahead of their final song of the night, RM said, “They call it the American dream. Some people say we made that come true, and others say we didn’t, but we actually never had that dream, to begin with.


He then continued by adding, “We never thought we could dream of it because we thought it was impossible. But look at this, ARMY. We did it together.

RM then addressed America and expressed his gratitude. He said, “Dear America, thank you for embracing us, helping us come here, and welcoming us.


He also added, “We might be 7 Korean guys from Korea, singing in Korean, but you showed everyone that music unites everyone with different nationalities and languages.

What really touched fans was when RM spoke of his real dream and what’s truly important to him. He confessed, “I just realized that all of you have become our real dream. Nothing else is important. What’s really important is this moment. Breathing together, singing together, and enjoying the same things together. This moment will stay in my memory forever. Thank you.

RM then turned the attention on his fans by adding, “You all have your own stories. Look at the countless lights in front of us. It’s now time for you to shine your light on us. This time, lift up your phones and shine its light into the sky. We live in an era of technology.

RM finished off his touching speech with, “This is our final song of the night. You’re the stars of our night and the lighthouse that keeps us going. You always have been. Now let’s get on to our last song.

Source: Dispatch