RM Reveals Where Fans Can Meet Someone Like Him In University

This is the place to find a study buddy like RM.

BTS‘s RM is knowledgable, intelligent, patient, and wise. He’d make the ideal study buddy, but if fans can’t go to class with RM himself, where can they find someone like him?


A fan posed this question on November 6, when RM popped in to comment on Weverse posts. They wrote, “Will I be able to meet this kind of senior when I go to university?”


In reply, RM said, “Come to Cyber University!” 


RM completed his post-secondary studies at Global Cyber University, along with several other BTS members.


Attending this school to find a senior like RM isn’t a bad plan, but it does have a catch. Global Cyber University’s classes are taught remotely, so any “meeting” will happen online!


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