BTS’s RM Updates ARMY About His Wisdom Tooth Situation

RM reveals whether or not he ended up getting dental surgery.

BTS‘s RM has just updated fans about his dental situation.


During BTS’s vacation, RM talked about his wisdom teeth in a live broadcast with Jimin. At the time, he had had his two upper wisdom teeth removed, but not the bottom two.


According to his dentist, each remaining tooth would take at least 30 minutes to remove because of their difficult placement. RM tried to decide whether he should get this surgery done on vacation or not.


On November 6, a fan asked RM for an update, when he popped by Weverse to comment on posts. “Namjoon-oppa,” they wrote. “Lately I’ve been curious about the wisdom teeth that you said were lying sideways !!” 


RM informed his fan that he didn’t end up getting the teeth removed on vacation. “My wisdom tooth is still in my mouth,” he wrote in Korean (that can be read aloud as English).



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