BTS’s RM And Jin Prove Their (Lack Of) Telepathy Skills As “Namjin” 

They tried! 😂

During their latest live broadcast together, BTS‘s RM and Jin put their mind-reading skills to the test by playing the telepathy game. The two tried their best to say a keyword and match their poses…but things didn’t go as smoothly as they planned!

The first phrase, “Spring Day,” showed no chemistry between their poses.

I’m covering my face from the strong spring day sun.

— Jin

However, they succeeded in both showing shivering poses for the word, “Winter!”

The celebration for their success was short-lived…

…and the next word, “V,” didn’t go so well!

While Jin thought of doing a standard peace sign, RM’s mind went to BTS’s member V and his signature pose.

Something as simple as “A” was also met with failure…

…and the duo hilariously bickered over the results.

Wow, crazy. How is that A? That’s M.

— RM

“Spaghetti” was not bad, but it seems they’re using different utensils!

They ended on a good note by using the keyword “BTS.”

However, RM definitely cheated a little to make sure they ended on a high note!

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