BTS’s RM Kept Forgetting His Belongings At The Han River

These netizens witnessed his forgetfulness firsthand.

Geniuses are often absent-minded, and BTS‘s RM is no exception to this rule!

In fact, RM’s chronic forgetfulness is one of the quirks fans love. He’s forgotten everything from his glasses…

…to his passport (more than once!). It turns out, ARMYs aren’t the only ones who have witnessed RM’s scatterbrained ways.

In an online forum, two Korean netizens shared stories about RM’s trips to the Han River, one of his favorite hangout spots. One netizen remembered a time when RM accidentally left his phone behind.

[Title] I’ve actually seen RM at Han River before
[Content] He walked away leaving his phone behind… He came back to get it though. Is he usually like this lol.

— Netizen

Another netizen recalled chasing after RM to give him the tea he had purchased from a nearby convenience store.

[Title] Not an ARMY but…
[Content] The other Han River post reminded me… I work as a part timer at one of the convenience stores located along Han River. He came to buy hot tea, paid with his card, took his card back and left without the tea. I panicked and chased after him to hand his item to him. He seemed kind of embarrassed. I think he comes by Han River often though.

— Netizen

These stories are making fans fall in love with this absent-minded professor all over again!


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