BTS’s RM Is Making Jaws Drop With These Casual Yet Effortlessly Hot Photos Of Him

Damn RM 🔥

You probably already know that BTS‘s RM keeps getting hotter with every day that passes, but these fan-compiled photos may still shock you. He recently left jaws dropping with how handsome he looks in ordinary, every day situations.

In this first picture, RM can be seen wearing a plaid shirt and baseball cap.

| Big Hit Entertainment

His blue tinted sunglasses complement his hair, and his Chanel necklace adds edginess to his entire look.

| Big Hit Entertainment

But don’t be mistaken. He can look hot even when smiling brightly…

…and acting cute and lovely!

Don’t even get started on his selfies, which might make you do a double take. We won’t be surprised if you find yourself staring at his picture for who knows how long.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

If you thought he couldn’t look any better, think again! In this picture, RM confidently poses in front of the camera with his hands inside his pockets.

He’s wearing a classic button down shirt with a leather belt cinched at his waist. Even if you didn’t know him, you’d be able to feel his charisma and strength through the photo.

Okay, but how unbelievably hot is he?

| Teen Vogue