RM’s Genius Mind Is Leaving All His Math-Challenged Fans In Awe

He’s a human calculator.

Many people would hate living in a world without calculators, but for RM, it probably wouldn’t be an issue.


The average person’s I.Q is between 90 and 110. 120 is considered high. RM’s is 148: genius level. In addition to being a language whiz, he’s also a human calculator.


In Episode 83 of Run BTS!BTS got wet and wild at their “Happy Summer” outing. They broke into two teams to played water game, and one of these games involved math.


BTS had to correctly answer addition questions while tubing. Trying to do calculations is hard enough normally, but it was even more difficult after being the sea’s punching bag!


One team was given a semi-challenging math question…


…but the staff didn’t go easy on RM’s team. They threw this question at him…


…and he instantly gave the correct answer!


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