Millionaire RM Had A “Broke Millennial” Moment On His Vacation 

RM did what any struggling college student would do.

BTS‘s members are multi-millionaires, but sometimes they seem to forget it!


Fans often forget it too. After all, the word “millionaire” conjures a suave James Bond type drinking champagne in a tailored suit, not a 20-something bickering about kitchen scissors in his pajamas.


Although RM does have expensive tastes (i.e his cost-as-much-as-a-new-car coffee table), he still enjoys the simple things in life, even on vacation.


On October 4, BangtanTV posted RM’s vacation vlog, a guided tour through his 9 days in Milan, Venice, Vienna, and Copenhagen. RM ate a variety of delicious dishes there, but one is catching viewers’ attention.


These instant noodles! RM could have ordered the fanciest food in Venice, but no. He chose to eat raw noodles sprinkled with seasoning.


This “broke millennial” meal is commonly eaten by college students because it’s cheap, tasty, and quick to make. Yum!


Check out RM’s whole vacation vlog here: