BTS Was “Shook” When RM Spoke About His Latest “God Of Destruction” Moment

RM was just trying to clean!

BTS‘s RM can be quite clumsy, and there have been many moments where he has accidentally destroyed things. RM even has the nickname “God of Destruction” due to how often he destroys things!

In a recent episode of Run BTS!, RM spoke about his latest “God of Destruction” moment.


RM shared that he tends “to be on the careless side.”

| 채널 십오야/YouTube

RM then spoke about bathroom tiles, and Jin knew where RM was heading and was “amazed” that RM broke bathroom tiles!

| 채널 십오야/YouTube

RM then shared that he took out the tiles in his shower booth to clean them, but he ended up breaking one while putting it back!

| 채널 십오야/YouTube

After RM shared this, the members had several reactions, as some of them laughed, while others were just speechless!

| 채널 십오야/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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