No ARMY Was Ready For BTS RM’s Stripping In The Middle Of His Broadcast

So… that escalated quickly!

For his recent live broadcast, BTS‘s RM started off in his super cute FILA track suit.


After a while though, he felt the temperature rising in the room…

It’s kind of hot in here…

— RM


… so he decided to take his jacket off. As he unzipped down to his collar bones…


… some ARMYs thought he wasn’t wearing anything under the track jacket and were ready to lose their sanities and all.


Of course, RM wasn’t planning on going topless for the broadcast. He was wearing a white shirt underneath:

Since it’s a little stuffy, I’m going to do this in my shirt.

— RM


For ARMYs who went wilding for nothing… Well, they are cackling at their own reactions:


Here’s that split second which had ARMYs thinking “What is RM doing…?”:

Source: THEQOO