BTS’s RM And Suga Chose Totally Different Colors To Represent Their Members

But their choices make so much sense.

The personalities of BTS‘s members are as diverse as the colors of the rainbow, and like colors, JinSugaRMJ-HopeJimin, V, and Jungkook all radiate different vibes.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter 

In Snack Time, a series of videos for the BTS Japan Official Fanclub, RM and Suga were asked to describe their members as colors.

| BTS Official Japan Fanclub

For themselves, RM and Suga both chose the color blue, though RM specifically picked deep indigo or navy blue.

Suga | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Blue is associated with the sky and ocean, peace and tranquility. Given how even-tempered and cool-headed these members are, blue is a great choice.


Suga, however, sees BTS’s leader as gray. Gray is a neutral color that denotes sophistication, balance, and stability. It is the color of ash, stones, metals, and smoke.

Interestingly, RM chose gray for Suga! RM and Suga are different in many ways, but they both have an understated strength and wisdom beyond their years.

For Worldwide Handsome Jin, RM chose one of Jin’s favorite colors: pink or, more specifically, light pink. Like Jin, pink is bright and cheerful, approachable yet bold. Pink is associated with love, and Jin has plenty of that for himself (and ARMY)!


Suga, however, sees Jin as yellow, the color of “Butter,” sunshine, friendship, and pure happiness.

Suga and RM chose the same color for Jimin. Yellow comes in many shades, but RM picked light yellow, a color that is just as bright and soft as Jimin.


RM and Suga’s picks for J-Hope are polar opposites on the color wheel. RM chose red, the color of love, passion, and good luck.


Suga picked red’s complementary color, green. Green is traditionally linked to creativity, health, rebirth, growth, and springtime. Like J-Hope, green certainly makes an impression!

Interestingly, RM chose green for V. According to their most recent MBTI results, V is an INFP while J-Hope is an INFJ. These two personality types are both introverts with dominant intuition (N) and feeling (F) functions.


Which color did Suga pick for V? The color RM chose for J-Hope: red!

Is the Golden Maknae gold? Not according to RM and Suga. For Jungkook, RM picked black, a bold color strongly associated with luxury and sophistication in Korea.


Suga’s choice couldn’t be more different. Suga picked the color RM chose for Jin: pink. This coincidence isn’t too surprising, considering that Jin and Jungkook are both playful, cheerful people with plenty of charm and hearts full of love.

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