BTS’s RM Is Not The Only Member To Have Lost His Passport

He’s not alone!

BTS‘s leader RM has quite a reputation. He’s not known as the “God of Destruction” for nothing. Whether he’s breaking things or losing them, there’s never a dull moment.


One of the most iconic moments was when RM’s trip was cut short due to losing his passport in season 1 of Bon Voyage. The rest of the members had to finish their trip without the leader.

| BTS: Bon Voyage 1

He lost his passport, not just once either. During the Burn the Stage: The Movie, it was revealed that on their way to Chile for their Wings tour, RM lost his passport again! Suga wasn’t surprised, but the rest of the members were so frustrated.

“Burn the Stage: The Movie” | YouTube

But it turns out that the members aren’t entirely innocent either! RM is not the only one to lose his passport.

In episode 3 of Lotte Duty Free‘s “sitcom” Friends Must Fly Out, Jungkook and Suga prepare for an upcoming trip. There’s just one problem: they both can’t find their passports.

Suga (left) and Jungkook (right) | LDF TV by lottedutyfree/YouTube

Jimin comes along to tease them for losing their passports. He pulls out his suitcase to show that he has hidden it for safekeeping.

From left: Jimin, Suga, and Jungkook | LDF TV by lottedutyfree/YouTube

Well, it turns out that he had hidden it a little too well. It had been so long since he traveled that he had forgotten where it was.

| LDF TV by lottedutyfree/YouTube

After a while, the three finally find their passports! They had been scattered throughout the place.

Like the saying ‘beacon doesn’t shine on its own base’… It was just right here.

— Suga

| LDF TV by lottedutyfree/YouTube

Still, it turned out for Jimin that it still wouldn’t do him any good because it was expired! Suga and Jungkook thought it was for the best. However, in that, he needed to update his photo anyway!

Suga: You should take a better photo for your new passport. Alright? Let’s do it!

Jimin: What’s wrong with my photo?

Jungkook: Come on! Let’s be honest. You look funny in that thing and you know it, right?

| LDF TV by lottedutyfree/YouTube

Let’s just hope they now don’t lose their new passports!

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Source: LDF TV by lottedutyfree