BTS’s RM And Suga Got Extra Bamboozled By The Vocal Line’s Part In “Make It Right”

Their miserable attempts sent ARMYs rolling on the floor laughing.

In a recent behind-the-scenes video, Dispatch revealed how BTS members were split up into teams for their summer 2019 photoshoot in Las Vegas (yes, the one casually featuring an ARMY’s dad).


The members had to draw a a piece of paper that had lyrics from their many hits — and those who ended up with the same songs were meant to pose together. Simple enough, members went about picking and revealed their random selections.


The first two to share their draws were J-Hope and Jimin. These two teamed up by singing the lyrics from “Boy With Luv”.


Next, RM tried to reveal his lyrics…

(Off key) You’re the one who brought morning to me.

— RM


… but ended up singing so off key and improvisational that no one had any idea what he was singing! This part, originally from “Make It Right”, is normally sung by Jin and Jungkook, and so made no sense to the rap line RM…

I just made that song up. It’s called “The Morning”. It was inspired by the morning of Las Vegas.

— RM


… and Suga!

(Rapping) You’re the one who brought morning to me.

— Suga


RM, Suga, and V then tried singing “The Morning” (not “Make It Right” at all) together and sent ARMYs rolling on the floor laughing. ARMYs now can’t wait to have this strangely melodic bop get released!


Watch the full clip here: