Brazilian ARMYs Flustered BTS’s RM By Calling Him “Tasty”

What’s tasty in Brazil? B-ARMY knows.

Fans are constantly showering BTS with compliments, but RM wasn’t prepared for B-ARMY‘s ‘hungry’ love.


On May 25 and 26, BTS performed on the Allianz Parque stage in Brazil as part of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour. Brazilian ARMYs have been waiting years for their boys to return, and they just couldn’t contain their excitement.


One particular moment has ARMYs everywhere wheezing. Fans who attended the soundcheck claim that B-ARMYs called RM “tasty” in Korean. This bold compliment caused him to get so flustered that he lost his balance!


Unfortunately, since soundcheck forbids recording of any kind, there is no video evidence…


…but fans are loving this story all the same!