BTS’s RM Thanks ARMYs For His Special Birthday Event, According To Seoul Museum

He took home a special souvenir too.

ARMYs know, BTS‘s RM is one cultured young man. As his tweets often reveal, RM’s interests include gracing museums and seeing exhibitions.


With that in mind, his Chinese fan site @Baidu_RMbar put together a special birthday celebration in the month of September 2019.


Thanks to the fan site, ARMYs in Seoul got the wonderful chance to visit Seoul Museum and see this special exhibition dedicated to RM!


And in the latest tweet, @Baidu_RMbar shared a message from Seoul Museum…


… revealing that RM came by the museum on November 8, 2019 and took home his own copy of the special edition RM Ticket too! Seoul Museum pointed out that, upon hearing the purpose of the exhibition event, RM thanked ARMYs for a meaningful celebration of his birthday — and ARMYs are feeling extra-proud of the most unforgettable party they threw for RM!

Source: THEQOO