BTS’s RM Thought V Was A Troublemaker When They First Met, But They Ended Up Bonding Like Brothers

RM and V used to do a lot together!

While BTS‘s V is now known as an angel, RM originally thought V would be a troublemaker when they first met!

While this is what RM originally thought, the two got close rather quickly. RM shared that he and V used to wear weird outfits and walk around outside.

The two also rebelled together, such as going out to eat ice cream without telling anyone.

There were also many moments where V and RM would go out and wander together. Looking back on these moments, RM sees how similar he and V are, and he looks at these moments preciously!

Another story to add to V and RM’s heartwarming relationship!

BTS’s V (Left) & RM (Right) | SBS Inkigayo
Source: Naver Live