BTS Shares Hilarious Details About RM’s Backstage Workouts

They weren’t shy about sharing details with ARMY.

Sometimes you really can’t trust your friends — to keep quiet. Just ask BTS‘s RM!


To kick off the new year, BTS counted down to New Year’s Day with ARMY in a live broadcast. Each member looked back on his 2019 goals and shared his new goals for 2020.


RM talked about hitting the gym in 2019, and how he hopes to keep up his workout ethic in 2020. His members were more than happy to comment on his workouts, whether or not he asked them to!


Jimin revealed that RM took off his clothes in a backstage waiting room to workout even though it was cold.


Then, made everyone laugh by demonstrating RM’s frog squats.


According to RM, it’s a weird but effective exercise.


Long story short, RM’s members just wouldn’t let him live. When Jimin and Jin imitated the war cries RM makes while exercising…


…his reaction was super relatable.


RM isn’t aiming to take the Jungkook‘s “Muscle Bunny” title, but he does want to keep building up his body in 2020.


2020 is shaping up to be a very good year for ARMY!


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