BTS V’s Hilarious Losing Streak Will Make You Want To Be His Anpanman

His luck went from bad to worse.

If anybody needs help from Anpanman, it’s BTS‘s V!

In Episode 104 of Run BTS!, the members played musical cushions, darts, and created DIY their outfits. As always, there were winners and losers, but V had hilariously bad luck that followed him for most of the episode.

It all started with musical cushions. This wasn’t supposed to be a full-contact sport, but BTS is BTS. Things got out of hand right away! In Round 1, Suga shoved V off a cushion faster than you can say, “betrayal.”

V’s body wasn’t hurt, but his dignity was slightly bruised. His hyung didn’t show him any mercy!

Musical cushions weren’t V’s thing, but so what? He could make up for it in a game of darts…right?

Wrong! V threw his dart in the right spot, but Jin‘s ended up dragging it out of its spot.

Jin didn’t purposely target him, but luck just wasn’t on his dongsaeng‘s side.

V had another shot at landing a spot on the dartboard…but he completely missed.

Thankfully, V’s losing streak finally ended when the arts and crafts began. He aced the capital city game, much to J-Hope‘s surprise! (Who knew that the capital of Monaco was Monaco? Answer: V.)

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