BTS’s “Slapstick King” Jimin Accidentally Hit RM Out Of Nowhere

He added another hilarious moment to his comedy routine.

If BTS‘s Jimin wasn’t an idol, he could definitely be a slapstick comedian!

Whether it’s slip-and-sliding off of a float…

…or kicking himself out of a chair…

…Jimin knows how to make everyone laugh, even when he’s not trying to.

In Episode 101 of Run BTS!, BTS played absurd sports, jumped on a trampoline, and battled an obstacle course, so some accidents were bound to happen. Jimin, however, caused one when nobody was expecting it!

During a mystery box, the members had to identify items at the speed of light. One of these items was a small vial of perfume. The smell of the perfume made Jimin jerk back…

…right into RM‘s forehead!

Why are you still playing football?” Suga joked. “Slapstick comedy out of nowhere.” 

This isn’t the first time Comedian Jimin has accidentally whacked his members. Remember that time he nearly annihilated J-Hope‘s future children? Jimin cutely hugged him to apologize, just like he did for RM.

The moral of the story is: if you’re going to get hit, it might as well be by Jimin. He’s the poison and the cure!

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