RM Isn’t The Only BTS Member Whose Nads Got Attacked At MMA

These hilarious accidents went down at the Melon Music Awards.

BTS‘s RM may have seen his life flash before his eyes when he missed his mark (and nearly hit another one!) at the 2019 Melon Music Awards. 


This wasn’t, however, the only time BTS risked their family jewels that night!


RM didn’t whack his thyrsus with his thyrsus, but he almost took another hit. While walking to the stage, RM accidentally bumped into Jin from behind, nearly knocking Jin over!


Jungkook and also had a mishap captured on camera. V reached back and — whoops! Wrong spot!


If anybody won a ‘Most Endangered Gonads’ award that night though, it’s J-Hope. When BTS went up to accept “Artist of the Year”, Jimin bowed and nearly annihilated J-Hope’s future children.


As soon as Jimin realized what had happened, he sweetly apologized to J-Hope with a hug, laughing.


Oh, well. Accidents happen!