Here’s Why You Can’t Leave The BTS Members Alone In A Room Together

They always do something crazy! 😂

BTS passes time in the only way they know how to: Being chaotic! During their time in New York, they broke out into an impromptu dance session.

J-Hope and Jungkook started by showing off their powerful dance to “Save Me.”

Not only was Jimin amazed by the two, he immediately went into “fan” mode!

This launched an entire dance session where every member tried to remember the old song’s choreography.

The hilarious scene pans to all the members who don’t mind putting on a show in the middle of any room!

RM becomes especially excited when he recalls the right dance moves…

…while Jin insists he’ll need a lot more time to master it again!

We’ll have to practice for another hour!

— Jin

As fast as they started, they immediately ended when it was time to go!

Watch the full video below.

BTS also passed the time with an autograph session. Check it out below!

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