Sleepless V Came Online To Play But No One Believed His Claim To Be Kim Taehyung

“Um but I’m Kim Taehyung, really!”

When BTS‘s V found himself sleepless in Japan, after departing from Gimpo International Airport which he used as his personal runway, he turned to ARMYs on Twitter and Weverse.


He tweeted…


… then went wild on Weverse, commenting on ARMYs’ posts (and giving them late night heart attacks)…


… and asking ARMYs for interesting things to do (in his boosted English, giving ARMYs heart attacks again!)


When he came across an ARMY suggestion to play an online game called Mafia42, V was intrigued to join:

Mafia42 is a chat-based game where players actively interact and test their wits. Players are divided into two teams, the Mafia and the Citizens, and each player is assigned a different occupation. Each night and day, players use their special abilities such as Murder, Heal, or Investigate on other players.

— Google


Soon, V was knee deep in the world of Mafia42 with a username “TreatLoverYeontan” — and he wanted to let everyone in the room know that he was so…


… but no ARMY in this Mafia42 room believed that this random “TreatLoverYeontan” claiming to be V to be actually V.


An ARMY on Twitter, with the handle @lezi_twt who was “ParkBboong” in the room, later shared these screenshots of V struggling to convince players that he is in fact Kim Taehyung…

Here’s proof that I’m ParkBboong… I’m so bamboozled right now LOLOL. T-T Taehyung, I’m so sorry…!

— Twitter @lezi_twt


… and other players who were in the room with “ParkBboong” and “TreatLoverYeontan” — like “EHEHKoo” from the screenshots — came forward too, resenting themselves for not recognizing V and… well, killing him off the game.

LMAO, aaaaaagh… I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Taehyung, we’re sorry T-T But… other ARMYs who were in the room… and Taehyung… That was a good game!

— Twitter @sugidugidus (“EHEHKoo” from Mafia42 Screenshot)


“TreatLoverYeontan” continued to wander around Mafia42 and pleasantly surprising ARMYs before announcing his final round before trying to get some shut eye!


More ARMYs continue sharing their unexpected encounters of Kim Taehyung online. For over two hours, V opted out of sleep and instead spent some quality time being his cheeky self leaving selfies like this…


… and mingling with his friends across Twitter, Weverse, and Mafia42. ARMYs can’t help but fall more deeply in love with V for being so down to earth and comfortable with them! They look forward to V’s next online raid on Mafia42; they’ll be ready!

Source: THEQOO