BTS’s Spotify Plaque Bibimbap Meal Is Making ARMYs Nostalgic Over This Memory From The Past

One time for the present, two times for the past!

Some things never change, especially when it comes to BTS! Though they’re constantly reaching new heights of success, their fun way of celebrating milestones with fans has never changed.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Recently, the members ate a delicious meal from their “Dynamite” Spotify plaque in honor of reaching 1 billion streams, as did many other artists who won the award.

BTS chose Bibimbap, a Korean rice dish, adorned with their own logo!

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

As the members all sat down to eat, ARMYs are drawing parallels to previous award celebrations and it just might tug at your heartstrings.

Many fans may remember BTS’s 4th win for their single “Run” back in 2015 with their iconic celebration.

Filling the Show Champion trophy to the brim with water, they all took turns drinking out of it!

During the encore stage, Jungkook hilariously chugged the whole thing.

Backstage, each member took a turn taking a sip, just like they did for their Spotify plaque…

…and the whole thing is making ARMYs nostalgic!

Years come and go, but BTS’s legacy is forever!

Watch the full video of BTS enjoying their “Run” trophy celebration below.