Here’s The Hilarious Differences Between BTS’s Subunit Photoshoots

Three subunits, three different vibes.

The only thing better than a BTS photoshoot is the behind the scenes for it!


For their 2020 Season’s Greetings package, BTS did several photoshoots, including one for their subunits.


The “3Js” (J-HopeJimin, and Jungkook) could not have been more cute and cuddly during their shoot.


Close just wasn’t close enough for these three!


and Suga, on the other hand, are making fans laugh with their far less touchy-feely vibe. “Why would you put your arm around mine?” Suga complained, snatching it away.


As for RM and jin, they kept it cool. Two top models in one frame? It’s a visual explosion!


As always, BTS worked hard to give their fans the best possible photos. Check out these shots from their “light” themed shoot here:

BTS Are Iridescent Kings In These New “Season’s Greetings” Photos


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